Monika Ferenz

If I choose love I trust and move in my truth that brings peace which manifests in internal and external joy.

What’s something no one should know about you?

I’m a „candleholic“, meaning I have a strong obsession with candles.  I can’t go anywhere without wondering into a home-store and buying a candle. Before buying, I wonder whether I ‘really NEED this candle’ – but the answer is always YES. If you ever see anyone glued like a lizard, sliding down the glass windows of a home decor shop – It is probably me. I always calculate additional minutes to my estimated Google maps time of arrival (yep, for some candle shopping). If you ever hear of a candle rehab program- please let me know. Alternatively, just think of me next time you blow a birthday candle 😉

Close your eyes and think of something you enjoy. What do you think about?

Guess what… CANDLES!

Seriously, when I close my eyes and try to think of something, so many things come to mind. Generally, I love life and people and I see so much beauty around, all the time.

Feeling the sun on my skin, watching the sunrise, feeling my daughters head falling asleep on my heart, her countless smiles, big curious eyes. Singing! Feeling grass and the earth under my feet, jogging in the rain, sitting at the bone fire with friends and bellowed once, horse riding through landscapes.

Seeing how a new mum and her newborn baby take their first look at each other, this feeling of time stopping for that microsecond and love filling up the air. Every day is filled with miracles (and equally filled with „shitstorms“… for the sake of the balance!)

When was the last time you tried something new and what was it?

A week ago I just randomly booked myself a flight somewhere far and new. Just me. Nobody else. Taking myself on a trip with me. Something I would never have done just a while ago…


25h Prenatal Yoga, Urban Yoga

Monika unterrichtet donnerstags Holistic Pregancy Woman’s Circle with Prenatal Yoga (englisch led) und bietet Holistische Massagen an.