Marjorie Mazzutti

We are all here to LOVE and be loved back

There is nothing better than PEACE of mind

Train your brain to find JOY in the simple daily things

Even when ugly, the TRUTH is better than the prettiest of lies.


2020 – 200h YTT ~ Yoga Union – Bali – Indonesia

2019 – 200h YTT ~ Yoga in Movement – Sao Paulo – Brazil

Marjorie teaches every Wednesday Urban Yoga Flow -englisch led from 18:00-19:15. Her classes are powerful and creative.

Always remembering to keep the mind connected to the body and keeping them both in the present moment. Loves finding new ways of flowing and trying different asanas, so the whole class can have the feeling of learning something new every day and expanding their limits.

Close your eyes and think of something beautiful. What are you thinking? 

On a Sunday lunch, all my family reunited around the table, laughing, eating, and having fun.

 What is your hidden talent?⁠

I can (and love) knuckle-cracking all my fingers and toes, and I do it almost 3 times a day.

The most important lesson you have learned so far?⁠ That it’s better to bet on our inner strength than in our capacity of controlling the exterior.

What do you do on a day off?⁠⁠

 I love to take a long walk in the morning, while the day is still silent, have a late breakfast and do things with no rush.  

What makes you happy about teaching yoga?

How we can learn to be present, to use our breaths as a connection between mind and body and how healthy and grateful we can feel after practicing.